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Disabled & Special Need Passengers

Passengers with Disabilities and Special Needs

Passengers with Special Needs

  • Infants and Child Passengers accompanied by an Adult
  • Baby Passengers
  • Child Passengers Traveling Alone
  • Pregnant Passengers
  • Sick Passengers and Passengers with Disabilities

Travelling procedures and required documents for the above-mentioned passengers may vary by the airline company. Wheelchairs are provided by the airline companies and ground handling service providers. For further information, please contact the relevant airline company.

Passengers with Disabilities

Facilities within the Terminal

Services provided at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport for passengers with disabilities and passengers with special needs are as follows;

  • Reserved parking spots for passengers with disabilities,
  • "Disabled restrooms" for passengers with disabilities,
  • Designated resting areas within the terminal for passengers with disabilities,
  • Guide prints and Braille surfaces for visually challenged passengers,
  • Special-design telephone assistance facilities located at terminal entrances to guide the passengers with disabilities
  • Wheelchair service at domestic and international terminals (please request from your airline company),
  • Braille printed location descriptions and logos at the lifts, restrooms and assistance phones for visually challenged passengers,
  • Supporting handrails for passengers with disabilities,
  • Payphones for passengers with disabilities,
  • Travelators, escalators and other stairs adjusted for the use of passengers with disabilities,
  • Specially trained personnel for assistance,
  • Direction signs within the terminal for visually challenged passengers,
  • Check-in areas for passengers with disabilities,
  • Designated drop off-pick up points at the terminal entrances for passengers with disabilities,
  • Terminal building maps with Braille alphabet to ease the travelling experience of visually challenged passengers,
  • Information desks and passport areas designed for passengers with disabilities
  • Guide prints and Braille surfaces up to bus stops and IZBAN station,
  • Signalized glass areas for partially sighted passengers,
  • Ramps adjusted for the use of passengers with disabilities,
  • Lifts equipped with audio guide for passengers with disabilities,