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Prepare your own baggage for your own safety or supervise the preparation of your baggage. When preparing your baggage, make sure to check the closed box, package and all packaging. Also, do not accept absolutely anything that is given to you to be taken to someone else and you do not know what is inside. You will receive information from the airline about prohibited items regarding your flight. The country of destination or departure point may be items that are not accepted in registered and unaccompanied baggage. Please request this information when you receive your ticket. Jewelery, money, mobile phones, computers, documents and so on. You carry your precious items in your hand baggage. Your baggage may not be accepted for flights in the following circumstances:

• If the aircraft is capable of inflicting danger to passengers and other cargo,

• If it is not packaged to provide smooth and safe transport,

• If any of the departing, arriving or transiting state's laws contain cargo prohibited by law and carriage,

• It is not suitable for its size. Before flying from the airline, be sure to find out where you will label your baggage and how many kilos you will be able to transport and check from your ticket.

Learn about the size and weight limitations of hand baggage you can get into the cabin. On your baggage, wear a name label with information such as your name, phone number and address that you can also obtain from airline banks. Do not leave your labels on your previous trips on your luggage.

Keep in mind that items that do not carry baggage, such as nylon bags, tin cans, and barrels, will not be accepted into the cabin or the luggage compartment of the aircraft.

Knife, nail cutter, lighter, etc. It is important to note that the presence of cutter, driller, and explosive items in the same cabinet is not acceptable and is not acceptable. Do not keep such items with you.

Remember that you must pay an excess baggage charge to your airline company if you have the right to move.

Check the information on your label vouchers for your luggage. Do not take your own baggage on your own.

You must apply to the Lost Property Offices (TGS, HAVAŞ, ÇELEBİ) that provide service to the relevant airline before leaving the airport for your baggage that you can not deliver on arrival and any kind of damage you may notice immediately. It is important that you submit your travel ticket, baggage tag and identification on application.

Wishing you a pleasant and safe journey.

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