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Hand Luggage Arrangements

Hand Luggage Arrangements

Cabin Luggage

Materials prohibited to be carried in cabin baggage are listed in ANNEX-17 of the National Civil Aviation Security Program. On the other hand, with the instructions of General Directorate of Civil Aviation, liquid restrictions are applied on International Flights starting from 1 October 2009 and Domestic Flights starting from April 1, 2012. Liquid restriction means that all liquids, gellies, aerosols, etc. New regulations on the restricted transport of substances are:

• Liquid restrictions in hand baggage are applied at İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport .

• Liquids, jellies and sprayers to be carried in hand luggage should be in a container, bottle or similar container with a maximum volume of 100 ml. The quantity in the box is taken into consideration, the volume of the bottle or the container is considered

• These liquids should be transported separately in max. 1 liter 20 cm x 20 cm transparent lock bags and the bag must be closed properly.

• Each passenger can carry only 1 bag. During security checks, the liquid bag will be passed through X-Ray separately from your other items.

• Medicines are exempt from this practice (the identity of the passenger must be written on a prescription or presentation of a health report indicating that the passenger should use these medicines, and the original packaged) and infant foods (whatever the cost of the baby will fly during the journey). However, in case of doubt, the traveler may be required to taste this medicine.

• Liquids: Water, syrup, etc. Other drinks. Shampoos, jams, honey, yoghurt, etc., all kinds of makeup materials (liquid lipstick, mascara etc.), toothpaste, shaving gels and foams, hair gels, deodorants, contact lenses, shampoos, materials.