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Health Center

The Health Centers at the airport provide 24 hour quarantine and environmental health services to prevent contagious diseases borne in or out of the country.

There is an Information Kiosk run by the General Directorate of Health for Borders and Coasts on the Departures Floor where information on Risks of Diseases Abroad (for each country) may be obtained.

Phone: +90 232 274 09 07

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Portclinic is located on the International Terminal Departures Floor and is open 24 hours a day to provide fast and efficient service when needed to airport personnel, passengers and guests.
Phone: +90 232 455 00 00 Extension: 5555


DHMI provides 24 hour service for on board emergencies on aircraft, at the apron or away from the passenger bridge, as well as for DHMI personnel.
Phone: +90 232 274 26 26 Extension: 1237