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Environmental Policy


Committed to achieve high environmental standards for the social community, TAV Ege worthily adopts a responsible approach to the environment through its operations. Operating with the awareness of its environmental responsibilities, the company handles its business activities accordingly. Our environmental policies are based on sustainable development principle. Accordingly, TAV Ege places significant issues on two main issues; prevention of environmental pollution and ensuring energy efficiency. The company has been enhancing the awareness of the employees regarding the effective utilization of environmental resources energy through continuous training programs. TAV Ege takes all necessary measures in order to conserve natural resources and has been committed to increase the social awareness on this matter which is vital for future generations.

TAV Ege complies with all national and international environmental legal regulations and works in collaboration to achieve the goals regarding its environmental policy. All employees and stakeholders are responsible for undertaking necessary actions concerning their areas of responsibility.

The goals of TAV Ege Environmental Policy:

To protect and increase the environmental quality,

To support the protection of human health,

To utilize natural resources smartly and attentively

TAV Ege is committed to ensure the following during the execution of its business activities as an airport operator;

To implement the innovative service and proactive management approach which we have adopted in Terminal Operations in an effective manner during assessment of environmental impacts and development of the related practices.

To comply with the contract terms and conditions, the regulations of national and international authorities, legal regulations and mandatory standards.

To communicate effectively with the customers, authorities, stakeholders and subcontractors in order to create common values and beneficial results in issues concerning “Environment” and “Sustainability”.

To develop methods for preventing pollution considering waste disposal as a loss of natural resources.

To encourage regain, recycle and reuse of the waste generated during the operations of TAV Ege.To develop methods for the protection of natural resources.

To comply with all applicable legal regulations and other conditions throughout operational processes.

To monitor, measure and improve the performance of the environment management system for prevention of losses and protection of the environment.

To adopt working methods befitting natural environment of the work site with the awareness that all operations may have an impact on environment.

To raise the necessary environmental awareness of all employees of the company and subcontractors and support sustainable development with constant improvement mentality.

ISO 14000 Certificate

ISO 14001 Certificate

Erkan Balcı

General Manager, TAV Ege