International Terminal 

"primeclass" Lounge :

"primeclass" Lounge offers passengers facilities such as TV, newspapers,magazines,tablet computer,business corner and unlimited open buffet prior to their flight. There is also children’s playing room within the lounge.

Location: International Terminal (departure), mezzazine floor after passport control


Domestic Terminal

"primeclass" Lounge

Comfort Lounge, operated by “primeclass” CIP Service is available for TAV Passport Card Holders for free and all other passengers who paid their individual entrance fees. While waiting for their flight, the passengers can benefit from various amenities like TV, newspapers, magazines, wireless Internet, Playstation, PC and fax and enjoy unlimited open buffet. And what is more, there is a playroom for children in the Lounge.

Location: Domestic terminal, at the mezzazine floor after the last security control

THY CIP Lounge  :

Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport Domestic Terminal operated by TAV “primeclass” CIP Service is available for Classic Plus, Business Class, Elit and Elit Plus Cardholders. The lounge is open from the first flight of the day through the last flight of Turkish Airlines. Light snacks, as well as a wide selection of beverages are offered to the passengers, and amenities such as Internet access, daily and weekly periodicals, prayer places, baby care room, and TV are provided as well.