Storey Car Park

There are payment points at 3 different locations within the car park at the Adnan Menderes International Terminal. It is a 4-storey car park with five entrances and five exits. Two of the payment points are located at the exit.

The car park is linked to Arrivals on the second floor and Departures on the third floor with 2nd storey bridges. The main entrance-located at the main gate to the airport--has five entrance lanes, each with a barrier.

Payment may also be made at manual payment points situated in 3 locations at the exits. The car park also has 2 subscription payment points. There are 6 lifts available for pedestrians to access all floors. The capacity of the airport car park is 2,237 vehicles.

Two coach parks on the airport grounds have 2 entrances and 2 exits. In addition, the airport has a VIP car park for VIP passengers with one entrance and one exit; both push button operated barriers.

There are a total of 6 lifts and 8 staircases (one for access to the second floor, 7 for access to all floors) for pedestrians. All pedestrian access within the car park area leads directly to the lifts.

Parking Fees
Hours Fees
0-1 Hour 8.00TL
1-3 Hours 11.00TL
3-6 Hours 16.00TL
6-12 Hours 19.00TL
12-24 Hours 27.00TL

Short-term Rates
4 Days 59.00TL
7 Days 92.00TL
15 Days 128.00TL
1 Month 147.00TL

0-1 Hour 9.50TL
1-3 Hours 13.00TL
3-6 Days 16.00TL
6-12 Hours 22.50TL
12-24 Hours 29.00TL
1 Month 158.50TL

You must go to the payment points in the car park with your ticket within an hour of entering the car park to take advantage of the short-term rates.


Subscription requests or back-dated transactions on your return will not be processed.

Those entering the country in foreign registered vehicles who would like to benefit from our short-term rates and subscriptions must leave their vehicles at the Customs Free Zone according to Customs Legislation.

Phone: +90 232 455 00 00 Extension: 4653